A Guide To Vaping

A Guide To Vaping

First and foremost, we are going to look at the difference between the experience of smoking a regular cigarette and an e-cigarette. The experience of vaping is supposed to imitate the experience of a smoking regular cigarette. But there are fundamental differences between these two, which you need to be aware of. It is dependent on several factors. For instance, it depends on the type of tank you use. Your personal preferences will also come into play. But there are other differences which we need to examine. Read on to find out more:

How do you inhale?

As far as the way you inhale is concerned, length of inhale is a crucial factor. Compared to the amount of the time a smoker spends with his cigarette, vapers spend more time with it. When you smoke the cigarette will burn down faster when you puff harder. But in the case of e-cigarette puffing harder will make no difference. If you wish to inhale more vapor then you must use the button to achieve the same. As a beginner, you will find it hard to master it. But you will learn it eventually. Studies have revealed that experienced vapers spend more time with their e-cigarettes than regular cigarette smokers. Or in other words, e-cigs help you to absorb nicotine in a more efficient manner.

Holding vapor

  • Since you spend more time inhaling from the e-cigarette you probably hold the vapor longer in the mouth.
  • But this is not a significant factor.
  • You need to keep in mind that vaping is a slow process in comparison.
  • There isn’t much difference once you have done with inhaling. May be you can make a difference in the size of the cloud, and that’s it.

Priming puffs

Back in the day, during the early days of the device, there was no button to control the inhalation. The devices used to be automatic where it would get activated as soon as you take a puff. Priming puffs were a thing with these devices. You should not confuse it with priming a coil which is totally different thing. Well, you take a draw on a cigar before you properly puff it. Priming puffs are the same thing. Here let the coil to heat up before you actually take a harder puff. You will mostly find manual e-cigarettes in the market today. Or in other words, the concept of priming puff is obsolete. This holds true especially in the case of devices that run on high-power. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot have the same effect with e-cigs as well. All that you have to do is to press the fire button a second before you start the vaping process. If you wish to have a harder hit you can go for this method. However, there are concerns you need to look into. Condensation might occur in the device around the tip. You may end up consuming it. It can even damage the device in the process.